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Mike's Custom Retaining Walls and Landscaping, Inc. provides residential and commercial customers, throughout the St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area, with unsurpassed expertise, professionalism, and most importantly, a superior finished product. We specialize in the construction of patios, sidewalks, driveways, outdoor fireplaces and grills, retaining walls, and landscaping.

We deliver complete custom service. Each project is custom-made for a perfect fit that is suitable for your home, business, and property. From a cute backdoor patio to a complex hill side reclamation, each job is given the same professional care and attention to every detail. Walk through our photo galleries to see our customers' projects. We included before and after shots to give you a glimpse of the transformation.

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Project: Upgrade weather-beaten multi-level timber deck and stairs that are falling apart.


These images show the dramatic before and after difference of a project to replace a wooden deck and stairs with paver stones and retaining wall blocks. What a transformation! No doublt when it was first built a few years ago, the timber construction was a beauty. Over time though, the rain, sun, cold winters, and hot summers took their toll on it.


This home owner can now enjoy the lasting beauty and low maintenance of well-built stone patio, steps, and retaining wall system with more useable space. All were engineered to compliment the exterior of their home. What a difference!

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  • PatioPatio
  • PatioPatio

No project is too small. No project is too hard. No project is too complex. Mike and his crew will build the results you want. We have generous selections of color, texture, and pattern of paver stones or retaining blocks to compliment our customers' taste and functional requirements. The following projects are examples of decorative back-door porches, low retaining wall patios, and paver stone steps. Each project was custom designed and built to suit the characteristics of the terrain. We can add function, reclaim washed out land, prevent errosion, and add use. Each project adds functionality, elegance, and value to your residential or commercial real estate property.

Pool Image

Project: "Mike, we already have a nice swimming pool. Can you make it better?"


And we did. Mike's Custom Retaining Walls and Landscaping, Inc. has the experise and craftmanship to design and create your special place by an existing pool, or if you want to install a new pool but the ground isn't just right, we can prep and level the ground for new swimming pool installations.


Notice the floor pattern in these images? Each stone was hand-cut and carefully laid piece by peice by Mike's team. Ain't that a work of art? We think so. Careful consideration is given to each project. Each project is customed-finished and made just right for you.

  • Pool Upgrade
  • Pool Upgrade
  • Pool Upgrade

Honey, fire up up the grill! I got fresh brats and burgers! Invite the neighbors over!

Fireplace. Pool. Cabana. Elegan. Relaxing. Now that's the life. The place to relax after a hard day. The place to entertain your friends and spend time with loved ones. Colors? No problem. On the side of a hill? No problem.

Project: Reclaim a hillside. Level and build up to make more usuable yard. Enhance the shoreline of  a watershed. Build to satisfy the customer.


We at Mike's Custom Retaining Walls and Landscaping, Inc. have very high customer satisfaction. The clip we are showing below is one of many "customer testimonials" we have received from our customers over the 20 years we have been in business.


Each customer has become a valued part of the Mike's heritage. Each customer really appreciated the design, function, and beauty of their patio, retaining wall, driveway, or landscaping project.

  • Retaining Wall
  • Retaining Wall
  • Retaining Wall

The retaining wall designed and built by Mike's Custom Retaining Walls and Landscaping simply turned out terrific. These guys really understand what a customer wants --quality workmanship, being adaptable to new ideas during the project, and reasonable price. The entire experience was the best we have ever had from any contractor.

Bart and Lara Ferrell

Troy, IL


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the outstanding transformation of my back yard. The entire experience was quite enjoyable. I had reservations going into a project of this magnitude but you and your team put my fears to rest and I have no regrets.... Your team worked tenaciously to complete the project and after successful completion there was no evidence of them being here other than a manicured yard that displayed wonderful workmanship. I now have a larger, more usable back yard to enjoy. I would be more than happy to show your work to any would be clients...


Thank you,


Greg Bruce

  • Landscaping
  • Landscaping
  • Landscaping

Imagine your home with a beautiful and inviting garden path, a decorative garden wall, or a professionally built stone planter for the guy with the green thumb. Perhaps your project is nothing more than an attractive driveway. Well, Mike's Custom Retaining Walls & Landscaping, Inc. can make it possible. We offer a huge selection of paving stones in hundreds of styles, textures, and colors; plus custom design and quality installation by experienced professionals. Mike's Custom Retaining Walls & Landscaping, Inc. is, "strickly business" from the ground up.

Be there with this customer as he daydreams about this project. Will it compliment the house and backyard? Will I have a better backyard? Dreams do come true.

The center-piece of this project is the functional outdoor fireplace. We enhanced the backyard of this traditional walkout basement with several custom elements such as upper and lower patios, minimal retaining walls, and easy steps to transition from the upper level to the fireplace on the secondary, lower patio.

Hear the sizzle of the steaks? The family can enjoy a barbeque, just plain lounge around, read a book on a cool day, or sip a cold drink on a hot summer afternoon.

What a transformation. Less grass to mow. Functional. Entertaining. Solid.

Thanks for your confidence in Mike's Custom Retaining Walls & Landscaping, Inc.

  • Outdoor FireplacePatio
  • Outdoor fireplacePatio
  • Outdoor FireplacePatio

We were able to bring the project elements togther nicely to form a unified space that delighted the customer. In the second row is pictured a retaining wall topped off with a simple but functional fire pit and a backyard patio also with a nice firepit. Row three has images of a custom landscaping and a retaining wall on the left and on the right of an established driveway. Our customer wanted to add another section to the right side of the driveway but without having it turn out like an airport runway. Snapshots in the fourth row are from a customer who shared how she decorated and made her private space on a patio we completed for her. The final row is a glimpse of a current project we hope to complete soon.

Residential property front & rear upgrades

Nice. Ain't it? Nice turf. Nice trees. Nice mulch. And with a grand patio, everything turned out looking just nice. Oh, by the way, have you noticed the upgrades to the shrubbery over on the right rear corner of the house?

Working together with the homeowner, we selected the stonework color, size, and texture that complemented the existing colorful brick exterior.

Picture perfect nice.

Now the backyard is a functional place to just relax or to entertain family and friends on one of those lazy days this home owner is looking forward to having.

Thanks for letting Mike's Custom Retaining Walls & Landscaping, Inc. share in making your dream home picture perfect.

Elevated view of rear showing stone patio, grass, mulch beds and tree lines
  • LandscapingPatio
  • LandscapingPatio
  • LandscapingPatio

By adding just the right amount, just the right size, and in just the right places, we were able to give this already nice looking dream home just the right touch of upgrades. Upgrades that look nice and are functional. Above and below are a few images showing the before and after views. Before from scratch dirt, or before as looked as time and the weather affected the previous landscaping materials. Let your eyes walk through or wander around the images to take in the tranformation here and there. Backyard, front, side, walkways, driveways, big, small, short, long, you name it, Mike can do it. Get the picture :-)? you and Mike togther can desgn, plan, and build just the right project to make your property look nice and functional. Email or call Mike. We are ready when you are.